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Michael Inzlicht

PSYC12 WINTER 2013 Chapter 1: Introduction (Inzlicht & Schmader) Introduction  We live in increasingly diverse world with various ethnicities, religious affiliations and races being represented in the different aspects of society from media, education, business etc. and this is only further facilitated with technology that assists with global communication, collaboration and education  As a society we are seeking to not only increase intergroup harmony but also eliminate group disparities in academic performace, career opportunities and levels of advancement which sadly hasn’t been vanquished  Dearth of women in technology, mathematics, engineering, and science and top leadership positions What Causes the Achievement Gap?  Nature vs. Nurture Debate o Nature: Women and certain racial minorities are supposedly endowed with lesser intellect o Nurture: racial, ethnic and religious minorities and women are products of sociocultural environments that frustrate the development of the appropriate skills, values, and motivation needed for success  Low income, being female and pushed towards non science and tech  Ultimately these debates assert that whether due to biology or the accrued effects of upbringing, people belonging to marginalized groups have less ability
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