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Chapter 10

Chapter 10

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Michael Inzlicht

Chapter 10: Trends and Unanswered Questions in Prejudice Research Prejudice against other Groups 3 major types of prejudice: prejudice based on race, gender, age 2 major reasons why limit to 3 prejudice o 3 main ways to categorize person is by race, gender, age o More research on racism and sexism Attitudes toward overweight persons Painter Rubens: portraits of nude, overweight women Allon: an individual who is overweight violates American ideal of self denial and self restraint 5 out of 11 landlords would not rent to obese person, all 11 would rent to normal weight potential tenants Genetic contribution to obesity is between 40-80% Attitudes toward lesbians and gay men Heterosexism: stigmatizing of any sexual orientation other than heterosexuals attitudes of heterosexuals towards lesbians and gay depends on gender or respondent and target of evaluation attitudes of heterosexual man toward gay males are significantly more negative and prejudiced than they are toward lesbians and heterosexual women hold more prejudicial attitudes against lesbians some findings indicated HW tend to have more positive attitudes than HM toward gay men Taywaditep found gay men who are effeminate tend to be regarded with contempt and hostility by more masculine gay men Some studies on origin of prejudice toward lesbians and gays indicate support for authoritarian- like origin, people less accepting of gender equality tend to also be less tolerant of gay and lesbian Cullen- degree of contact person has with lesbians and gay was most significant predictor of subsequent homophobia: the greater the interpersonal contact, less likely person i
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