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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Michelle Hilscher

Chapter 3Textbook NotesCultural Understandings of EmotionsThe Construction of Emotions in the WestOur implicit theory of emotions in the WestNote a distrust of emotionsassociation between emotionalirrationalThis notion originated first from Plato who believed emotions were from the lower part of the mind and then brought into modern era by Darwinwho said emotions are vestiges of our evolution from the beastsWe also have a postive view towards emotionWe think they guid us to our true selvesThese 2 stances toward emotion distrustappreciation are constructions of Western CultureAppreciation emerged during Romanticism era in EuropeAmerica where emotions came to be values in personal life politics literature and in philosophyJeanJacques Rousseau is credited with emphasizing the importance of emotions and claimed that education religion and etc should be centered around emotionsRomanticism was all about individual freedomexpressionArtists poets and all expressed their emotions through art and moves readers and audience to emotional experiencesFrankensteinRomantic elementsThe Elements of a Cultural Approach to EmotionIntroValues concepts and ideas about the self as expressed in art forms rituals social practicesinstitutions shape how members of particular societies experience emotion and that these matters are not universalOur beliefs about emotion in the West that emotions are both irrationalalso authentic aspects of the true self are products of a particular culture the culture of EuropeNorth Americawhich is different from other societiesculturesA cultural approach involves the assumption that emotions are constructed primarily by the processes of culture The assumption that culture influences which emotions are values and how they are expressedEmotions differ across different culturesEmotions can be thought of as roles that pple fulfill to play out culturespecific identitiesrelationshipsFocus on the practice of emotion instead of the potential for emotionPotential do people have the potential to show universal emotionsPractice emotional experiences in daytoday life what is expressed and what is suppressedThe selfconstrual approach independent and interdependent selvesAmerican vs Asian cultures2 different kinds of selfconstrualThe independent selfNorthern EuropsAmerica vs The interdependent self
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