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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 notes

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Gerald Cupchik

Chapter 3: Cultural understanding of emotions - Frankenstein: movie showed romanticism settings, emphasis of natural, distrust of the artificial, humans arrogantly overstepping boundaries, exploiting natural law and the construction of risky technological systems - Elements of a cultural approach to emotion o Romanticism Period of time, theme was that values, concepts and ideas about self expressed in ar, rituals, social practices and institutions Shaped how society experienced emotions, groupsocially specific and not universal Culturally shaped emotions 1) Shaped by cultures beliefs and values 2) Roles ppl play fulfill culture specific identities and relationships Batja Mesquita o Cultural approaches focus on practice of emotion (not potential for emotion) o Potential means that in a specific situation, you will act the same way in terms of expression and physiology o Practice refers to culture specific ways to act...which different from culture to culture - Self construal approach: independent an interdependent selves o Independent self Western I am autonomous Unique Behaviour caused by internal influences www.notesolution.com
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