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Chapter 12

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Anthony Ruocco

Chapter 12BComputerized Assessment and the Future of Testing Computers are not used in virtually every aspect of assessment including the administration scoring and interpretation of many testsComputers in Testing Overview and HistoryIntroduction to Computer Aided Assessment Other than a brief interaction with the receptionist to schedule time at the computer the client need not interact with any other human being during the entire assessment process Differ from one setting to the next but resemble the following o Instruction on the computer screen encourage that user to press any keyo The computer then prompt the client to answer a series of questions about activities and interests by pressing designated numeric keys o After completion of the inventory the computer calculates raw scores for a long list of occupational scales and makes appropriate statistical transformationso Next a brief report appears on the screeno The report provides a list of careers that best fit the interest of the client Also computers can be used to o Design individualized tests based upon real time feedback during testingo Interpret test results according to complex decision ruleso Write lengthy and detailed narrative reportso Present test stimuli in engaging and realistic formats including high definition video and virtual reality Computer assisted psychological assessment CAPA refers to the entire range of computer applications in psychological assessmentComputer Based Test Interpretation Current Status Computer based test interpretation or CBTI refers to test interpretation and report writing by computero These services are available by mailin online computer with modem or on site microcomputer package Four approaches to CBTIo Scoring reportso Descriptive reportso Actuarial reportso Computer assisted clinical reportsScoring Reports Scoring reports consists of scores andor profiles
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