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Chapter 8

Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: Interviewing Techniques Reciprocal Nature of Interviewing Interview is method for gathering datainformation about individual Involve mutual interaction whereby participants are interdependent- they influence each other Akehurst: criminal suspects observed while being interrogated o If one participants in interview increased activity level, then activity of other participant also increased o Reduction in activity by one triggered reduction in other Heller: social facilitation: tend to act like models around us Principles of Effective Interviewing Some principles help facilitate conduct of almost any interview Interview personal influence (degree to which one person can influence another) related to interpersonal attraction (degree to which people share a feeling of understanding, mutual respect, similarity, and the like) Attitudes related to good interviewing skills include warmth, genuineness, acceptance, understanding, openness, honesty, fairness stress interview: interviewer deliberately induce discomfort or anxiety in interviewee o Determine how well individual functions in adversity & types of responses interviewers should avoid Judgmental or evaluate statements are particularly likely to inhibit interviewee o Judgmental: evaluating thoughts, feelings, actions of another o Put them on guard because we communicate message I dont approve of this aspect of you Most interviewers should avoid probing statements, demand more information than interviewee wishes to provide voluntarily o Sometimes probes are appropriate and necessary Reassuring statement attempts to comfort or support interviewee,
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