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Chapter 5

PSYC39-Chapter 5

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University of Toronto Scarborough
David Nassum

PS. TC3Ci Chapter 5 Juvenile Offend age of 12 not charged Children under The der eve i nnu D 8 yrs under yoTh CHminal Justice Act th sto ni of Juvenile Justice in Canad ck before Th Century in Cancud a Children Youth treated luke adults O Juvenile Act e ling ven transferred to Those in se nous CTIhn ina acts oduit CO Lir (2 -g s 4 Toun offenders Act S an ch on s for behaviour sh ould e rm. O re com mens u ra te LW their developmental sta s tected ty had ght to be P CO M m e s had n G nts in Canadian charter of ng h ts tre dom V Ven to 12 Chid I Family Service s cama in f ckuld under 14 at lec st to be transferred to aduit court undergo educator a Gr com ma vni Diversion have them first ead Service pnovra m Nee Q si d entn a facility O Pen commun Secure RS On transferring ad it court an issue kept changing i, Ils. but youin r e cerved shorter renten ry e ven f commuted sen ons enim e Cnmiha Jus bice A ct A DO 3 Tou h Ly Prevent Youth came mne a ninq Consequen C2 cund enu ac R. bil hy of behaviour esp rs eth mprove rehat, an d in Her of On e commun -7 l es serious alten uhue e Cen oud cu a meus ne s) marnings, malang a referre far treatment onca charged an not be trans ferred te adult court a s l yms. (crown but rv d que cen ve tudvit 9-en ten a S must py meat They cre See k i adult sentency
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