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Chapter 6

Chapter 6 PSYC51

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Catherine Nash

Chapter 6 6.1 Visual System word recognition: another special-purpose system? • Pure Alexia: impairment of visual word recognition after brain damage o Selectivity can be in question, just like in face processing (perhaps hardest type of object to recognize, or require finest within category discriminations) • Word recognition makes heavy demands on certain visual processes, which are less critical for everyday object recognition • A language spelling-specific sort of system is; less parsimonious than a general purpose system (for faces cars etc.); it is an entirely arbitrary and culturally transmitted category (Japanese can’t distinguish our letters from random symbols and signs); evolutionary history of reading is short, couldn’t have influenced our genes 6.2 Categories and levels of processing in hypothesized “category-specific” brain systems • Improbably dedicated brain system proposals o Warrington & Shallice: 3 post encephalitic patients with disproportionate loss of knowledge of living things; living/nonliving dichotomy affected; implausibility of living thi
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