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Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Michelle Hilscher

Chapter 7: Structure or Function Introduction th Functional psychology and study of animals more pop. In at beginning of 20 cent. Edward B. Titchener Believed psych was different point of view of physics Believed introspection was best method o Introspection: describing own experience Implies psych. Is sum of experience dependent on nervous system Psychophysical parallelism: experience runs at same time as nervous system, complement each other, do not cause. Believed psych was study of generalized human mind o Excluded specific cases (e.g. abnormal) Believed in using experimentation, introspection, studying mind Major contribution was clearly defining view of psych. st Structuralism (1 phase) Structuralism: explores basics of structures of mind o Titcheners psych Differed between structural and functional psych (like bio, structure vs. function of body) o Applied to consciousness, understand what is first before what it does Believed elementary of consciousness was: sensations, images and affection Titcheners Experimental Psychology (2 ndphase) Wrote Experimental Psychology: A manual of Laboratory Practice o Manual for experimental psych. students had to be trained to use proper terminology www.notesolution.com
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