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Michelle Hilscher

Chapter 1 Psychology and HistoryHistiography study the history of historyEdwin G Boring 18861968Wrote what is considered most influential modern history of psychologyMostly concerned with the growth of the experimental side of psychologyTwo approaches to history1Emphasize the role of the individual in moving history alongaHistory is mostly just about those who were very important2Zeitgeist tries to understand each persons work in relation to the cultural context within which it takes placeProgress of psychologyConstantly getting better Steady progressionCyclical Idea may go out of fashion for a while then be forgotten then come back as a new ideaMaybe its both Ideas may be rediscovered but they may be progressively better understood as the years go onoSo its a bit like a spiralNew History of Psychology Laurel Furomoto superseded Borings historyEmphasizes that scientists often work in a subjective way under the influence of outside factorsOpts for a model that depicts scientific change as a shift from one world view to anotherNew History of ScienceSay that science has a subjective aspectThomas Kuhn 19241996 Development of scientific disciplines has not been smoothSeem to develop discontinuouslylong periods where workers had the same beliefs about everything Then periods where there were radical upheavals and the community changed their minds about what was properoParadigm set of fundamental beliefs that guide workers in a scientific discipline
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