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Michelle Hilscher

Chapter 2 The Origins of Psychological ThoughtPythagoras 570495 BCEIs said to have huge influence on the course of Western thought were not too sure about his life so were dealing with a lot of myth and hearsay 1Said to have founded semisecret society in ItalyMembers were said to be able to tune in to the harmony of the universeaHarmony is a central concept in Pythagorean theory2Structure of mathematicsstructure of realityaDiscovered this through correlation of lights hammerslight sounds Heavy hammersdeep soundsPythagorean Cosmology the universe is initially a unity that becomes differentiated into pairs of opposites The opposites are then reunited harmonized to generate various forms of lifeTwo most important parts of Pythagorean worldview a nature of opposites and b importance of number in regulating phenomena In contemporary psychology the process of ontogeny individual development is sometimes viewed the same wayThere are some important pairs of oppositesLimit produced by the integration of opposites vs unlimited everything we experience is limited We do not experience the unlimitedoThe combination produces the world we experienceOthers lightdark oddeven unitydisunity squareoblongoFirst member is positive second member is negativeoNot necessarily good vs evil unlimited for example is just lacking balanceSo there should be a balance of the twooWhen the mixture is just right the result is harmonyunion of oppositesThe psyche soul seeks this harmonywhen properly tuned the opposing forces within the individual are properly blended then the soul can resonate to other harmonious structuresso the soul can resonate to the mythic music of the sphereswe usually dont hear this because we are so busy with our lives
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