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Lecture and textbook notes on Buddhism

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Henry Shiu

RLGA01H 2010-10-26 to 2010-11-09 BUDDHISM WEEK 1 Schools of Buddhism Three major schools of Buddhism: 1. Theravada (Hinayana): Sri Lanka, Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Cambodia, Laos 2. Mahayana: China, NorthSouth Korean, Mongolia, Japan, Taiwain, Singapore, N Vietnam 3. Vajrayana: Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, Mongolia, (some also in China and Japan) The Triple Gems Also translated at the three jewels the three most important things in the practice of Buddhism 1. Buddha (the enlightened one) title given to those who have reached enlightenment 2. Dharma (buddhavacana: doctrine and vinaya) 3. Samgha (spiritual community) Brief History of Buddhism th Buddhism originated in the religious context of the 6 cent. B.C. India as part of the sramana movement Finding a way to achieve attainment without the needs of the priests The word Buddha does not refer to anyone, it simply means the awakenedenlightened one The historical Buddha, founder of Buddhism, was named Siddartha Gautama Also originated as only an oral teaching stayed this way for centuries Men and women were created equal female disciples of the Buddha were said to have attained liberation Innovations of Buddhism Teaching of the impermanence of the human self or soul no eternal or independent soul (atman) anatman = no self Yet also belief in karma and reincarnation no soul? What goes under transmigration? Social egalitarianism (reacted to the oppressive nature of Hinduism or Brahmanical Hinduism)asserting the equality of all men middle way in the middle way, the Buddha says you will find the realityyour blissful liberation The analogy is that right before the Buddha attained his enlightenment, he was sitting by a riverside and saw someone on a boat before himon this boat, there were two musicians tuning their instruments ... the musicians find that if you tune the string too tight, the sound is hard to bear, if it is too loose you cannot produce any sound must be in the middle to find the most beautiful sound 1 www.notesolution.com
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