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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

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Mc Kinon

SOCA01 J CHAPTER 1 Do social structures exist? N Examining social forces: N Known to exist because there are consequences N ^} ]o} Zl}~9]KKZo]L}Z9^]Z }K7]Z serve) N Social Solidarity refers to 1. The degree to which group members share beliefs and values, and 2. The intensity and frequency of their interactions N Social Structures are relatively stable patterns of social relations that affect our thoughts, feelings, actions, and identity J Social structures last N Microstructures are the patters of relatively intimate social relations formed during face-to-face interaction. Families, friendship circles, and work associations are all examples of microstructures N Macrostructures are overarching patterns of social relations that lie outside and above your circle of intimates and acquaintances. Macrostructures include classes, bureaucracies, and power systems, such as patriarchy J Education, income N Patriarchy is the traditional system of economic and political inequality between women and men N Global structures are patterns of social relations that lie outside and above the national level. They include international organizations, patters of worldwide travel and communication, and the economic relations between countries J Global economy - Durkheim claims that suicide is the cause of mainly social issues - Sociological explanation of suicide (Emile Durkheim): at the end of the 19 century, demonstrated suicide rates were strongly influences by social forces o Examined association between rates of suicide and rates of psychological disorder for different groups o Found suicide rates and rates of psychological disorderdid not vary directly, and often appeared to vary inversely Different beliefs = poor integration Poorly integrated societies (Ex: modern society - diverse) = organic societiesorganic solidarity Traditional societies = mechanically integrated Social solidarity goes down = suicide rates go up J inverse relationship www.notesolution.com
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