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Ch 4 textbook notes

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Sheldon Ungar

CHAPTER 4 SOCIALIZATION Social isolation and the crystallization of selfidentitythe wild boy of Aveyronno mental or physical abnormalities but seemed more animal than human bc raised in isolation from other human beingsSimilar kids cannot form intimate social relationships with others only develop most basic lang skillsSome children abused have congenitally from birth subnormal intelligence less social contact social isolationTherefore ability to learn culturebecome human is only potentialSocialization process where ppl learn their culture ie norms values rolesbecome aware of themselves as they interact with themselves they unleash this human potential o Enterdisengage from series of roles o Become aware of themselves as they interact with othersRole behaviour expected of a person occupying a particular position in societyImportance of socialization revealed via study by Rene Spitz o Spitz compared children raised in orphanageprison nursing homeOrphanage very few nurses taking care of infants less contact with other ppl sheets hung from crib to prevent seeing institutions activitiesdepriving infants of social stimuli made them less demanding y Social deprivation orphans more vulnerable to infections higher death rate y Normal children start playing with genitals at end of first yr at thorphanage4 yrtherefore impaired sexual life when reaching maturity rhesus monkeys in isolationNursing home mothers cared for babies had a taste of society saw other babies playingreceiving care y Children walkingtalking at age of 23 o THEREFORE shows importance of childhood socialization in making us fully humanwithout childhood socialization most of our human potential remains undevelopedPpl also develop sense of self in adolescentperiod of rapid selfdevelopmentexperiences where they crystallize their selfidentity ie Robert Brymplay o In adolescence you dont know what you are good at insecure about social status not sure what you believed in had vaguely defined sense of self o Adolescencecentral growth process define self thru clarification of experienceestablish selfesteemSense of self also developed in childhood o agents of socializationsocietys main socializing institutions ie families schools peer groups mass media have an influenceWe learn how to control our impulsesThink of ourselves as members of dig groupsValue certain idealsPerform diff roles o These institutions give mixed msgs and do not always work well togetherteach childrenadults diffcontradictory lessonsRecent dvlpts make socialization more disorientingchange nature of adolescencechiildhood o Less supervision guidance by adult fam members o Increasing assumption of adult responsibilities by youth
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