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University of Toronto Scarborough
Sheldon Ungar

CHAPTER 5 SOCIAL INTERACTION What is social interactionAirlines used females flight attendants as glamorous sex objects to gather more customers even though there was tight regulationalmost all airlines were identicalSocial interaction involves ppl communicating face to face or via compactingreacting in relation to other ppl structured around norms rolestatuses The Structure of Social InteractionStatus o Is a recognized social position an indiv can occupy o Status set entire ensemble of statuses occupied by an indiv o Ascribed status involuntary status o Achieved status voluntary status o Master status his overriding public identity most influential in shaping persons life at a given timeRoles o Is set of expected behaviours o Ppl occupy statuses ppl perform roles o Expectations define the role o Role set entire cluster of roles attached to a single statusNorms o Generally accepted way of doing things o Prescriptive norms suggest what person is expected to do while performing a particular role o Proscriptive norms suggest what person not expected to do while performing particular role o Change over time o Can be universal or diff for diff situationsroles Case Study Stewardesses and their Clientele The Changing Role of the StewardessFirst stewardessnurse nurse uniformassured tht passengers will be given appropriate medical attentionsafetyRevolution in role of stewardessdue to radical uniform changesMoviesbooks solidified stewardess new role as sex object The Enforcement of NormsAirlines specifiedenforced many roles regarding stewardess roleo Be attractive good smile certain score in IQpsychological tests o retirement standard of 32 enforced as industry standard o Slim wholesome o Had ideal weight for height o Appear to have good personality charming and available solicitousExpectations of passengers helped reinforce these norms Role Conflict and Role StrainRole conflict occurs when 2 or more statuses held at the same time place contradictory role demands on a person o Todays stewardess have to spend so much time in airlines not allowing them to fulfill role of mom or wife o Role conflict before was minimal bc stewardess not allowed to be wife momRole strain occurs when incompatible role demands are placed on a person in a single status
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