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Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Race and Ethnicity textbook notes

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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

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Chapter 10 Race and Ethnicity
Sociologist identified certain social conditions that lead to high levels of participation in sports
People who face widespread prejudice and discrimination often enter sports, entertainment and
crime to improve their social and economic position
Prejudice attitude that judges a person on his/her groups real/imagined characteristics
Discrimination is unfair treatment of ppl b/c of their group membership
Race - a social construct used to distinguish ppl in terms of one or more physical markers, usually w/
profound effect on their lives
Sociologists believe race is important b/c it allows social inequality to be created and
Scapegoat disadvantaged person or category of ppl that others blame for their problems
Race is socially defined group of ppl whose perceived physical markers deemed significant,
ethnic group comprises of ppl whose perceived cultural markers are deemed significant
Ethnic groups differ from one another in terms of language, religion, customs, values, ancestors
Ethnic group comprises ppl whose perceived cultural markers are deemed socially significant
Multiculturalism policy emphasizes tolerance of ethnic and racial differences
Melting pot ideaology of the united states values the disappearance of ethnic and racial difference
Symbolic ethnicity nostalgic allegiance to the culture of the immigrant generation, or that of the
old country, that is not usually incorporated in everyday behaviour
Racism a belief that a visible characteristic of a group, such as skin colour indicated group
inferiority and justified discrimination
Ecological theory
Proposed by Robert Park, distinguishing five stages in process by which conflict among ethnic
and racial groups emerges and is resolves
oInvasion one racial/ethnic group tired to move into territory of another
oResistance established group tired to defend its territory against intruding group
oCompetition if established group doesnt drive out newcomers, two groups compete for
scarce resources
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