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Chapter 50

MSL chapter 50

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MSL CH.50 – Civilize them with a stick
Native American children are kidnapped’ by white people and thrown into boarding schools
where they experience a huge change from their normal environment and social setting with their
own families
Even if the schools are made nicer, and have better equipment, teachers, etc. The shock for the kid
is still tremendous
Everyt hing in the school is instilled by white ppl, different than natives such as following natures
time... in the school, not a lot of human contact
Speaks about her life in the boarding schoolmission school in St. Francis (which was not one of
the good onesrun by nuns & fathers) and how different it is from what natives usually do,
growing into adults with family and peers
The boarding school formed due to the do-goodersthe white Indian loversthey werent
killed b/c they were given chance to be turned into farmhands, labourers, and chambermaids
and so, kids were taken away from villages, isolated from families and becoming caricatures of
white ppl
her grandmother describes her experience as br utalshe was put into attic for playing jacks while
praying... stripped naked and whipped for running away... all inhumane acts done by white ppl
school now run by the BIA – bureau of Indian affairs
at school, everything done by clock times...waking up...praying
beating was common punishment for not doing homework, being late to schoolbecause of the
harsh experiences, she began to judge every white person as the same until she made friends of
her own
many nuns were German immigrants and from Bavaria
New kids who would come to school were thrown in tub full of alcohol to have their germs
cleaned... WTF
1970 – some girl comes along around the age of 20 and asks them how they were being treated,
she was a hippie and was from new York
oTold them to write an underground paper and so they did...called the ‘red panther’ which
talked about the serious harsh stuff they had to deal with, the conditions of the school
oThey distributed it all over, but sadly they got caught and apparently this was the worst
thing that had ever ha ppened in boarding school history
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