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Chapter 9

Globalization(Chapter 9)

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Mc Kinon

Chapter 9Globalization InequalityDevelopmentIIntroductionI1The Creation of a Global Villageso easy to travel to day compare 25 years agoI2The TriumphsTragedies of Globalizationpeople throughout the world are now linked together as never beforeevidenceitourism is iiint orgagreements iseg NAFTAiiiint telecommunication has become easyinexpensiveivintl tradeinvestment have increased rapidlyglobalizationthe process by wc formerly separate economies states cultures are tied togetherpeople become increasingly aware of their growing interdependenceDISADViInequality btw richpoor countries remain staggeringactually iihurts local culturethe nat environmentiiiglobalization is a form of imperialismthe economic domination of 1 country by anotherit contributes to the homogenization of the world the cultural domination of less powerful by more powerful countriesIIGlobalizationII1Globalization in Everyday LifeEverything whats happening in other countries influences everything else in the globalized worldBARBARA GARSONlearned that her small investment together w many other small investments had huge implications for peoples everyday lives on the other side of the planetglobal commodity chaina worldwide network of labourproduction processes whose end result is a finished commodity product na made up from different countriesegNikeother large corporations started setting up overseas plants where they could take advantage of low labour costsresult was a new intl div other advanced industrial countries lowwage mfng in the less developedindustrializing countriesThe new intl division of labour yielded high profitspoor Indonesians paid poorly but Michael Jordan a lotbuyers of NIKE shoes have a part in exploiting Indonesian labourenrich Michael JordanII2The Sources of GlobalizationMost people think that globalization is important bc ofi Technologymade it possible to move thingsinfo over long distances quicklyinexpensivelywo modern tech globalization would not be possibleiiPoliticssome countries are not open to globalization bc of politicseg South KoreaCanada cant open an embassy there bc Canada is an ally of South Korea iiiEconomicsindustrial capitalism is always seeking new markets higher profitslower labour coststransnational corporationsalso called multinationalinternational corporationsmost important agents of globalization in the world todaydifferent from traditional corporations in 5 waysTraditional CorporationsTransnational Corporationsirely on domestic labourprodnidepend increasingly on foreign iiextract nat or manufacture labourforeign productionindustrial goodsiiemphasize skillsadvances in iiisell to domestic goodsdesigntechmgmtivrely on established mktngiiidepend increasingly on world sales outletsmarketsvwork w or under national govtsivdepend increasingly on massive advertising campaignsvincreasingly autonomous fr national govtsTechpoliticalecon factors do not work independenly in leading to globalizationeg Govt promote econ competition to help transnational corporations win global marketsPhilip Morristhe company that makes Marlboro cigarettesMarlboro man symbolyzed the rugged individualism of the American frontierbecame of the most widely recognized icons in American advertising
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