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Chapter 17

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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

CHAPTER 17EducationThe Riot in St Leonard y A march organized by the French unilinguist Ligue pour lintegration scolaire paraded through a predominantly Italian neighbourhood in the Montreal suburb of St Leonard y The St Leonard riot ultimately culminated in Bill 101 which makes French the language of public administration Bill 101 also ensured that in Quebec children of immigrants would be required to receive primary and secondary schooling in Frenchy A year before the street violence erupted political commentators raised concerns that French was in demographic decline and that francophones were at risk of becoming a minority in the provinces biggest city Montreal y The public school system St Leonard school board was contributing heavily to the Anglicization of the city the influx of new residents of Italian descent were called allophones y Schools have two tasks they must accomplish homogenizing and sorting Schools create homogeneity out of diversity by instructing all students using a uniform curriculum and they sort students into paths that terminate in different social classes Homogeneity is achieved by enforcing common standards eg language that serve as a cultural common denominator but sorting favours students who develop the greatest facility in the common culture while confining those of lesser skills to subordinate work roles and lower ranks in the class structure y To fully understand education systems we must grasp their implications for other largescale facets of social organization y Education turns students into citizens by giving them a common outlook but it also reproduces the class structure and the structure of global inequality Mass Education An Overview y The education system has displaced organized religion as the main purveyor of formal knowledge the education system is second in importance only to the family as an agent of socializationy Universal mass education is a recent phenomenon and is limited to relatively wealthy countries around 1900 Canada and the US were the first societies in history to approach universal educational participation by young peopley Especially before the rise of Protestantism priests held a virtual monopoly on literacy the Catholic Churchs authority depended on the inability of ordinary people to read the Bible Uniform Socialization
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