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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

Chapter 17 Education The Riot in St LeonardRecognized as a turning point in Quebec historyBill 101 makes French the language of public administration o Children of immigrants will receive education is FrenchAllophones children w neither English nor French backgrounds SchoolsTeach students a common culture that forms a framework for social lifeAccess to what type of schools is starting point for sorting children into adult jobs social classesPlace where societies endow future generations w the key capacities ofo Communication o Coordination o Economic productivity 2 tasks 1 homogenizing by enforcing common standards o 2 sortingMass Schooling tied to industrializationto maintaining a productive economy More education ensures better treatment in the labour markets Mass Education An Overview nd Education system is 2 in importance after family as an agent of socializationA century ago most ppl never attended schoolElementary schoolsprimary schoolsHighs schoolssecondary schoolsUniversitiespostsecondary institutionsMore than half of 19yr olds in Canada were enrolled in either college or uniUniversal mass education recent phenomenon limited to wealthy countries Uniform SocializationCreating systems of education that had sufficient resources to include all childrenReligious training was never widely available These forms of instruction were replaced by a centralizedrationalized system Diversity among families gradually gave way to a common culture In Canada before there were separate school systems for CatholicsProtestantsToday post secondary institution makes no distinction in admissions 1Thus students can now take higher education edu in dffrnt country Effective mass education was achieved through laws that made attendance compulsory 94 in public schooling 5 private schooling 1 home schooling SocioNotesChapter 17
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