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Chapter The revised Mrs Gender Complementarity at College

SOCC38H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter The revised Mrs Gender Complementarity at College: Residential College, Economic Security, 7 Women

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Ann Mullen
The revised Mrs Gender Complementarity at College

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The revised Mrs: Gender Complementarity at College (Hamilton)
"Mrs. Degree"
Assumed her daughter's future would be secured through a mate's human capital
Once underrepresented on campus, women are now more likely than men to enroll, persist, have
higher GPAs, obtain four year degrees, and enter graduate school
Women arrive with diverse gendered logics of class reproduction, or models of how to achieve
economic security. Infrastructure and dominant peer culture at midtier school support gender
complementarity, a logic consistent with an affluent, as well as white and heterosexual femininity
Gender in Higher Education
Schools, inside and outside classroom, help socialize youth into gender performances that become
deeply embodied
Universities play a role by offering identity-based majors that allow students to indulge in gendered
Enmeshed in peer cultures that reward certain femininities and masculinities and sanction others.
Universities provide the academic and social infrastructures undergirding these peer cultures
Men receive status from athleticism, confidence, and appearance of power while women are
expected to be nice, attractive, and appealing to men
Gendered Logics of Class Reproduction
Women cultivate gender-specific skills, tastes, appearances, and interactional styles that are shaped
by their class, race, and sexual identity
Different femininities reflect distinct cultural models of how women should achieve economic
security, or gendered logics of class reproduction
Gender complementarity. Co-constructed pairing of traditional femininity and masculinity. Later in
life course, complementarity is institutionalized in the gender specialization model of marriage
Heterosexuality is assumed, as is class privilege necessary to live on a one0worker salary, a benefit
historically more available to affluent whites
Notion of women as primarily wives, mothers, and help=mates has been preserved and supported
among upper class
Residential college campuses. Cultural acquisition is at its peak and social environments are heavily
influential. When particular feminity is rewarded above others, women can be nudged toward a
gendered logic of class reproduction that may not serve them well
Dominant peer culture on campus, bolstered by social and academic policies and practices, supports
cultivation of a gender disposition suited for a revised MRS
Ethnography. In depth interviews. Living in dorm ensured residents would be forced to deal with
dominant social scene on campus
Producing Gender Complementarity
Diverse Gendered Logics
o Mid-tier public universities enroll students from broad range of class backgrounds, who espouse
different gendered logics of class reproduction. Suggests most women do not arrive primed for
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