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Chapter 9

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Ivan Kalmar

Chapter 9: Gender - Sex Refers to biological differences - Gender refers to cultural constructions of sex differences. There may be more than two recognized genders in a given society - Economic determinants of gender status include freedom or autonomy (in disposing ones labour and its fruits) and SOCIAL POWER (control over the lives, labour and produce of others) - Gender stratification DECREASES when men and women made roughly ewual contributions to subsistence Gender among Foragers: - When gathering is prominent, gender status tends to be more equal than when it is hunting and fishing are the main subsistence activities - Hunter-gathers have less gender stratification than food producers do is that the domestic public dichotomy is less developed among foragers - Horticulturalist societies: women are the main producers - The Minangkaau view men and women as cooperative partners for the common good than competitors ruled by self-interest. People gain prestige when they promote social harmony rather than by vying for power - Matriarchy: a political system in which women play a much more prominent role than men do in social and political organization - Patrilineal complex: an interrelated constellation of patrilineality, pratrlocality. Warfare, and male supremacy - Matrilineal and matrilocal societies occur where little pressure on resources and low population densities exist. Pressure on resources leads to warfare and intensified production, which favours patrilocaltiy and patrilineality POPQUIZ Hidatsa women made boats, and Pawnee women worked wood. These two cases suggest tha
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