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Chapter 19

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Michelle Hilscher

Week 2 BIOB50 Lecture 4Chapter 19ProductionHydrothermal vent communities at bottom of the deep blue sea no photosynthesis how did they obtain their foodIntroductionRaymond Lindeman grouped the energy flow in the ecosystem in terms of how they obtain their energyEcosystem termed by AG Tansley all of the component of an ecological system biotic and abiotic that influence the flow of energy and elements nutrients pollutantsPrimary ProductionPrimary production chemical energy generated by autotrophy by the fixation of carbon during photosynthesis and chemosynthesis Conversion of light energy to chemical energy used by autotrophs and gained by heterotrophsThe energy is stored as carbon compounds in tissues of plants carbon is used to measure primary productionThe rate of primary production is called primary productivityGross primary production is total ecosystem photosynthesisGross primary production the amount of carbon fixed by the autotrophs in an ecosystemThe GPP of an ecosystem is controlled by the rate of photosynthesis which is affected by the climate and leaf area index LAI which is the leaf area of the plants per unit of ground areaLAI in tundra 01 and tropical and boreal forests12Plant respiration rates increase with temperature so respiratory carbon losses are higher in tropical forest and in temperate and boreal forestsNet primary production is the energy remaining after respiratory lossesNPP GPPrespirationNPP is the amount of energy captured by autotrophs that results in increased living plant matter biomass
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