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Chapter 6-12

Midterm 1 Notes Chapter 6 - 12

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Kenneth Yip

f f fn 9 nfff nn nnf nn nn f fn nDDD! -fnY f fn [email protected] #$f n;f &(#()*nff ! n f fn+ n+ fff f D+f)*nf #, n -ffn n -f- n O -f nf O #,fRfnR/ O -#,ffn+ fn O f - n f- n O #,fRfnR/ O -n f O #,f -+ fn O -f ,ff/f f / $ff+ n - fff f nf &f n + /-ffnn nf ff ff fnff fnff n nffff -ff+n f fnnf 9$f n;f f$ n - -fnf -f -fnf ff $ -fff f nf - - +nf 12f ff fn 9Yfn 3f fn 4nff R nff f - --f $ff fnfnf fn f +nf nn 1 nf +)**ff 6 *)*ff nf nf nfnnf - 9f nff 3 - & #[email protected] n O + /f+ ff f ! O -n$nnfnfff !f+ / O f/fn f+nf+ff nn -ff fff n fn ff )*nfn+ (#!ff &ff n n fff nn n f -62n O ff + n n - 3 -f&& O n fn fn f+ n-nn n O -&$ -+ nfn 4n Yff - - 1 f 3f -/ f n ff 6 @f - R/fff O -/fnnf ff -n-YYn - O ,f/ nf -ff nn O - f - O & fnYYn O -nf+fff &- f+ - f - ffn nf fn+ [email protected] 1 fn+ +fn - n fn 6 n nf 3f ! 8n9 f 9 $ff$fff 9$f -f/n ffY nfDfn nn D f/ ff fnnf 1 m-R n$fnn-4n 6 @ffn -nn$- nff -4nf$ !nfnnfnfff -n$ -n f 3nff$- ( -n+ ff + -fn$- #$f -:-4nYfffYYYnf ffnf ff f ! #@f ! f $f n f fn!#n+ @9fn f -f f O -f nfD O [email protected] nf O 69 ff fn /f f O fn f 4 #[email protected] fn6n6f fn /9f Rff nf## 9 f + f nfY fn&Y'9( 3 f+ nff '9f $!f'9f ! fn+ nnf @9R 9Yfn+ nf ff O m+n + nfffnffn / nnnf ff O 9ffn ff/f$n f ff fnf O D 4 f nff3 #1 4 fn /f [email protected]
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