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Chapter 5 Chapter 5: Biotechnology and food Resources Biotechnology and food resources Central Case: GM Maize and Roundup • Corn is a staple grain st • Mexico 1 domesticated wild maize corn in Oaxaca • Oaxaca has many native varieties of maize • It is important for scientists to maintain biodiversity • In 2001 the Mexican scientists conducted a genetic test on the Oaxaca maize and found that the DNA has transgenes from GM (genetically modified) corn • GM foods are disrupting the genetic structure • In Canada there is a canola crop that is derived from rapeseed • 80% of rapeseed is genetically modified • Schmeiser maintained never purchased a patent seed • Canadian law stated that it was illegal to reuse or grow a patent seed • Legality on holding patents • 2002 Canada began holding patents for genetically manufactured organisms 5.1 The Race to feed the World • Human population is rapidly increasing, we need to find a solution towards the food crisis problem 5.1.2 We are Producing more food per person • We have been trying to increase the amount of food we produce • 850 million people do not have enough food to eat • Food Security: insure that there is enough food for people at all times • 1960s scientists predicted that we would not have food for the future • We have had advances in technology have increased our ability to grow food • The use of fertilizers, irrigation and pesticides increases the rate at which we can harvest foods • Agriculture has improved the population growth so far, but that doesn’t mean it can continue to happen in the future 5.1.2 We face undernourishment, overnutrition and malnutrition • Undernourishment: People that obtain less than 90% of their daily calorie intake mostly in developing countries • Overnutrition: Receiving too much calories a day • Most people that are malnourished have economical issues • In a nation like Canada there are still hunger issues • Food security functions with the 5 A’s • Availab
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