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GGR107H1 Chapter Notes -Food Marketing

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Charles Z Levkoe

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Unit 4: Consuming Food
Chapter 8: What is nutrition?
What Drives our Food Choices?
Throughout the day we make choices about food consumption
8.1.1 Taste and enjoyment
Taste is important when considering food choices
We have more than 10,000 taste buds
Our enjoyment of certain salty or sweet foods changes as we grow up
Sweet foods are enjoyed when we are children or infants
Our taste is also genetically linked
Texture of foods is also important
8.1.2 Culture and Environment
Enjoying food is not a physiological sensation
Factors such as culture and environment play a role in our food choices
A culture’s cuisine is based on where we live
Food that are available and assessable are more likely to be consumed
8.1.3 Social and Trends
Eating is a way to bond with others
Ex. Social interactions such as Thanksgiving
Food choices are often influenced by trends such as home cooks n the 1950s
brought bags of frozen vegetables
8.1.4 Weight concerns, body image and health benefits
Individuals may chose foods due to health concerns
Our perception of foods could be based on our current health state
It depends on how you want to improve your own eating habits
Functional foods: ex. When iodine was added to salt to improve health
Foods now have added nutrients and phytochemicals
8.1.5 Advertising
Manufacturers spend 10-15 billion annually on food advertising
Food company spend a lot of money advertising against young people
There is not a lot of advertising for fruits and vegetables
However there is the Got Milk? Commercials which involved celebrities
drinking milk: this increased sales by 1.5 billion pounds
8.1.6 Time, convenience and cost
Time is important for families
Supermarkets are offering more partially prepared foods
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