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Chapter 4

HIS271 - Wheeler:Becker Chapter 4 Summary

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Grant Brown

Wheeler/Becker – Chapter 4 – What Really Happened in the Boston Massacre? Wednesday, October 6 / 2010 The Problem  Occurred on March 5, 1770  A small group of boys began taunting a British sentry in front of the Boston Custom House.  The solider that was being taunted, struck on of the boys with his musket  A crowd of 50-60 gathered around the solider, and soon more than 100 people were there  Captain Preston and his men attempted to calm the crowd down, but were unsuccessful  One of the soldiers fired his musket into the crowd, leaving 5 dead and 6 injured  Preston was brought to trial and was charged with murder Background  Tensions in Boston were on the rise since the 1760s because of migration, change, and maturation  Protests against the Stamp Act  The British government ordered soldiers into Boston, but their presence only increased tensions  Bostonians harassed and tormented the British soldiers/places of British influence  An angry crowd that proceeded to taunt him and throw rocks at his house followed Ebenezer Richardson home. After one of the rocks hit his wife, Richardson fired his musket blindly into the crowd, killing a young boy  Crowd disturbances had been an almost regular feature of the life in England and America  It was known that authorities seldom fired on the crowds, and there were no deaths, however; on March 5, 17
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