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Textbook Notes for History at University of Toronto St. George (UTSG)

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UTSGHIS103Y1Denis SmythWinter

Textbook notes: The great powers and the European states system - for: chapter 1-3

OC21545313 Page
21 Nov 2013
Eur dominated by 5 powers: aus (after 1867: aus-hung); fr, brit, rus, prus (after 1871: Ger) italy only allowed in after its role in concert dealing w/
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UTSGHIS385H1Chin LimFall

HIS385H1 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1–2: Lei Yue Mun, Sulphur Channel, Resettlement Department

OC19850694 Page
28 Sep 2017
Alan birth approaches to hong kong history . Describing the history of hong kong is much more multi-faceted than characterizing it solely either as who
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UTSGHIS103Y1Ebba KurtFall

HIS103Y1 Chapter Notes -Universal Monarchy

OC278131 Page
1 Dec 2011
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UTSGHIS109Y1Kenneth BartlettWinter

HIS109Y1 Chapter Notes - Chapter Nov 9 readings: Absolute Monarchy, Rein, Bourgeoisie

OC4967252 Page
13 Feb 2016
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UTSGHIS243H1Nicholas TerpstraFall

Portable Reader Summaries Second Week

OC300192 Page
19 Dec 2011
Origin of art was nature - lets your art be perfect. With the 12 caesars, art began to decline. With the decline of rome, came the burial of great art.
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Chapter One Rise of France, 1648-1688 (The Rise of the Great Powers 1648-1815) (scored 92%)

OC2068367 Page
6 Nov 2014
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UTSGHIS280Y1Professor WangFall

HIS280Y1 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5: Taoism, Li Si, Shang Yang

OC8576812 Page
4 Nov 2016
Ordering the natural world: yin yang, stick divination / predictions, five phases/ elements. Fire, water, wood, earth, metal: heavenly stems, earthly b
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UTSGHIS109Y1Kenneth BartlettWinter

HIS109Y1 Chapter Notes - Chapter Brophy readings (in document for Oct 22): Luther'S Large Catechism, Erasmus Programme, Christian Humanism

OC4967258 Page
13 Feb 2016
Ten colloquies by desiderius erasmus of rotterdam. Brophy readings for october 22, 2015 vol. Erasmus: born in 1476, died in 1536. He was a key gigure i
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UTSGHIS109Y1Kenneth BartlettWinter

HIS109Y1 Chapter Notes - Chapter The Enlightenment: Indictable Offence, Philosophes, Ion

OC4967252 Page
19 Jan 2016
Brophy ii: 216 - 238, 244-258: the enlightenment. The brophy readings this week talked about the enlightenment, which was a philosophical movement in.
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UTSGHIS109Y1Kenneth BartlettFall

HIS109Y1 Chapter Notes -Montesquieu, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Constitution Of The United Kingdom

OC1055766 Page
19 Apr 2013
2: p. 216 - 238, 244 - 258. Perspectives from the past: p. 216 - 238, 244 - 258. A philosophical and political history of the settlements and trade of
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UTSGHIS241H1Anthony CantorFall

chapter 15

OC170576 Page
14 Dec 2011
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UTSGHIS280Y1Professor WangFall

HIS280Y1 Chapter 4: Axial age

OC8576813 Page
4 Nov 2016
In the old world, in the warring age, a lot of thinkers come out. That kind of text has a lot of contradictions. Layered texts is kind of like playing
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