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Human Biology
Maria Papaconstantinou

Lecture 13 Quantitative Trait LociQuantitative Trait AnalysisHeritabilityBroad Sense HeritabilityNarrow Sense HeritabilityReading Ch19 695710 193 BroadSense Heritability Nature Versus Nurture2broadsense heritability Hpart of the phenotypic variance that is due to genetic differences among individuals in a population2HVV 0 10gXWhen all of the variation in a population is due to environmental sources and 2there is no genetic variationthen H is 0Measuring heritability in humans using twin studiesUse the covariance between twins to estimate the amount of genetic variation for a trait in the general population 2rCOVVVHX XX XXXThe variance for the twin of each set designated X and that for the twin designated X are expected to be the same over a large sample2H is a property of a particular population and environment The twin sets used in man studies are separated at birth and placed into adoptive homes with economical social and emotional stability2V is smaller than in the general popu
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