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Chapter 1

POL312Y1 Chapter 1: POL312 1

Political Science
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Principles and Premises of CFP:
5 claims made by Kirton of CFP
o FP was at forefront of public policy in Canada
Can be checked every week by Globe & Mail by Canada being on the front
o Canada was in two historical centerpieces
With relations to the US
Kirton argues national unity to be part of FP
National unity will never go away, even though it is not as prominent
o FP affects election outcomes
Kirton argues FP affects election outcomes
o Canadians have great expectations of their government's FP
Can be supported through first federal election campaign debate
All candidates assumed and argued Canada can do bigger things
o FP demonstrates scarce resources, and the priorities of the PM
Three competing theories of CFP
o Small, peripheral dependent power on the US
o Model middle power
o Principal power
o Kirton argues all three theories are needed to fully account for CFP
More PMs from Western Canada
Middle powermanship
o Can be a cop out
o If Canada is more than a middle power, then excuses are being used for doing nothing
Passing the buck, not burying the burden
o Carbon emissions
The world's principal of pleudecrat
o Canada is bestowed with an abundance of wealth
Crusading Canadians
o Through FP, crusading can be seen as a responsibility to protect
Protect religious rights, as a component of human rights
Debate of Political Culture of CFP:
Debate started in 1992?
o Political culture of Canada revolved around three things
Founding of United Nations
Conflict resolution and international order
Peacekeepers, rather than warriors
Relations with US
Durable differences of political culture between US and Canada
o PC of Canada was becoming more similar to US
o Others argue Canada to have a diverging PC
Converging Canadianization
o Americans are slowly becoming more Canadian
Intellectual Culture of CFP
o Known through the annual trips survey
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