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Chapter 1

POL312Y1 Chapter 1: POL312 1

Political Science
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Introduction to Canadian Foreign Policy
The Study of CFP:
Dominated by liberal internationalist view (LI) since 1945
o Focuses on Canada's pursuit as a middle power of multilateral associations and
international values
LI view challenged by peripheral dependence (PD)
o Small, penetrated Canada is constrained at home and abroad by American power
Complex neo-realist perspective
o Less prominent view
o Since 1990, Canada has emerged as a principal power and advances its own national
interests globally, engages in external activities competitively, and promotes world
order that supports Canada's values
Central trend
o As Canada moved from dawn of post-WW2 into post-Cold War era, has increasingly
emerged as a principal power
o Canada has done this because of a changing world
What is CFP?
Some doubt that Canada has a foreign policy
o Inability of federal government to maintain a single, coherent policy for dealing with
the external world
o Some feel Canada is too small to have a policy like other major powers
Some suggest Canada has too many foreign policies
o PM and foreign minister seem to be saying different things
Several theories are needed to address the definition of CFP
The term "Canadian" refers to the federal government as an authoritative power
The term "foreign" refers to anything outside Canadian borders
The term "policy" refers to anything the federal government does regarding the outside
CFP can be defined as governing and managing Canada's relations with the world
Components of CFP behaviour
o Declarations
Concepts and principles matter in world affairs
o Distribution of resources
Develop foreign policy declarations
o Decisions
Decide path for future
Canadian economy has become a FP economy
o Almost 40% of its overall GDP and more than half of its private sector production
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