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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Arnd Jurgensen

InternationalSecurityAftertheColdWar Focused on the security of statesSecurity from external threats and its territorial integrity political independence and way of life For realists the most important challenge has been the military threat posed by foreign states although revolutionarysecessionist movements as well as terrorist groups have also considered threats The threats are not statecentric and military based anymore and branch on other sources The study of security is increasingly focused on actors and forces other than the stateIdeologiesIndividualsGroupsSocioeconomic conditionsOf course states are still highly relevantStates go to war and harm every individual involved Liberal NeoMarxists and Feminists all have contributed to the expansion of security that has been dominated by the realist interpretations of international politics Constructivists have also made significant contributions to security studies in the form of securitization theory which emphasizes that security is not an objective term but is constructed through social process
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