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Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Notes

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Political Science
John Haines

Chapter 12: The Changing Character of War Basil Liddell Hart if you want peace, understand war Marxist Leon Trotsky you may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you About 14,400 wars have occurred Since the cold war the number of wars, number of battle deaths and number of war-related massacres have declined sharply (relative to Cold War period) SIDE BOX North Atlantic region security community: group of states for whom war is no longer a means to end disputes bw each other thought they may continue to wage wars against nations outside community All democracies (ok to fight just not if its another democracy) Democratic peace: Pressures on national economies and societies Impact of globalization or post-modernity Lead to changes in the perception of threats Influenced beliefs Force as an instrument of policy Forms and functions of war Different types of problems terrorism [use of illegitimate violence by sub-states groups to inspire fear, by attacking civilians andor symbolic targets], insurgencies Evolution in the structure of IR Changes in the international system [a set of interrelated parts connected to form a whole] uncommon Temporarily subject to hegemonic control of a single state Americanization Carl von Clausewitz the form of war may change but the essential nature of it doesnt Non-state actors: in post-cold war period so now war is on more fronts Battle space: the era of aircraft and satellites, the traditional battlefield has given way to the 3-d battle space Satellites Tangible capacity for war has also developed Weapons of mass destruction Surplus weaponry floods global market DEFINTIONS www.notesolution.com
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