POL208Y1 Study Guide - Carl Von Clausewitz, World War I, Nash Equilibrium

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10 Dec 2010

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Homer-dixon warns us that modern capitalist states leave a lot of room for terrorists to attack: power lines/transfer substations, communications infrastructures, concentration of resources for economies of scale. The right attack point inability for states to respond. Democratic peace: kant s claim that liberal states are pacific in their international relations was revived in the. 80"s by michael doyle who argues that liberal states have created a separate peace . Kant explained this phenomenon because if the decision was taken by the people and not the prince, then the frequency of conflicts would be greatly reduced. Another explanation is that liberal states tent to be wealth and have less to gain and more to lose by engaging in conflicts than poorer authoritarian states. However, there have also been instances where non liberal states have friendly relations (cuba and mexico).

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