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Chapter 24

Chapter 24 G8 Notes

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Political Science
John Kirton

Chapter 24 Notes: Concert Diplomacy in the Group of 8 PD school: suggests that the summits provided a sensation of power without its reality while Canadian attempts to influence even the agenda resulted in little success. A second PD school suggests that G8 constrains Canada, it diverts Canadas interests and attention away from UN. America uses the G8 to have Canada adopt policies of free market fundamentalism and corporate globalism. LI school: emphasizes ineffectiveness of Canadian activity in the G8. Canada was able to get issues on table but failed to influence summit outcomes or shape world order as a whole CNR school: presents it as an institution for increasing Canadian influence in the world Canadas Diplomacy of Concert: evidence supports a far reaching argument. G8 effective centre of global governance that enables principal power Canada to Canadianize the global order. since 1975, the G8 has moved Canada from the old, UN-centered diplomacy of constraint to the new g8 focused diplomacy of concert. Causes of Canadas Diplomacy of Concert: our successful diplomacy of concert arises because G8 is emerging as an effective centre of global governance, replacing old order provided by UN thus changing the way its members and outsiders behave Canadas relatively invulnerable position in G8 reinforces our major power presence, allowing us to advance national interests
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