PSY100H1 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Relative Risk, Psychopathology, Stopwatch

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PSY100H1 Full Course Notes
PSY100H1 Full Course Notes
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People form opinions and explanations as to why some act the way the do, many of those explanations are false. Critical thinking is a systemized scrutinizing of the evidence through scientific method: skepticism, objective approach to questions. Intuitions are usually founded on limited information and might be biased: intuitions are used to guide scientific research rather than answer its questions. To answer questions, scientists use objective, systematic procedures so they can develop an accurate understanding of the phenomena they are trying to study. Hypothesis: test the hypothesis (by may be setting up a study, experiments in which you manipulate situation in order to see changes that occur in the mental state or behaviour. compare your finding with a control group: once you"re collected the data you use statistical procedures to analyze it. What is scientific inquiry: scientific questions can be objectively answered. Science assumes that the world works in an orderly fashion based on physical laws.