PSY270H1 Chapter 3: Chapter 3

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17 Apr 2011
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PSY270H1 Full Course Notes
PSY270H1 Full Course Notes
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Inability to recognize faces damage to some configurational system. Theoretical approaches to perception: direct perception need to perceive anything. template theories patterns we potentially might recognize) prototype-matching theories typical features) i. e. general template of a chair etc. rather than to match a whole pattern to a template or a prototype. Attempt to match features of a pattern to features stored in out memory, We have prototypes (average/class of related objects or patterns, i. e. pandemonium model image demons pass on a retinal image to feature demons. Feature demons calls out when there is a match between the stimulus and their given feature. structural-description theory quickly recognitze objects by observing the edges of them then decomposing the objects into geons. Synthesizing bottom-up and top-down approaches: how do we decide between the 2, constructive-perception, which is more top-down seems to contradict direct-perception theory, which is bottom-up.