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University of Toronto St. George
Dan Dolderman

Psychology Chapters 1-6 notes Chapter 1 - Predjudice not only influences the beliefs and behaviours of the prejudiced person but also has strong negative psychological effects on the targets of prejudice whose behaviours are shaped in part by others’ beliefs about them. - Psychological science – the study of mind, brain, and behavior - Mind refers to mental activity, the perceptual experiences (sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch) - Mental activity refers to the biological processes - “mind is what the brain does” - The seven themes of psychological science o Psychology is an empirical science o Nature and nurture are inextricably entwined o The brain and mind are inseparable o A new biological revolution is energizing research o The mind is adaptive o Psychological science crosses levels of analysis o We often are unaware of the multiple influences on how we think, feel, and act 1. Scientific method to understand how people think, feel and act. “good science” vs “bad science”, reliable vs unreliable sources 2. Are psychological characteristics biologicall innate or acquired through education, experience and culture ((beliefs, values, rules, norms, and customs existing within a group of people who share a common language and environment). - Nature/Nurture debate – the arguments concerning whether psychological ch
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