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CHPT 1 APPLICATIONS AND CONSEQUENCES OF PSYCH TESTING The common view of tests are the quantifying intelligence and detecting personality problems However test developers use tests in many diff waysConsequences of testing from birth to old age we have to take tests i apgar test 010 after birth they test for heart rate respiration muscle tone reflexes and color A low score could mean that as a toddler they might have to go for a developmental disability assessment ii from preschool years to graduation you have to take tests for learning disabilities vocational interests job entery licences brain dysfunction Even the final indignity test looks at their competency to manage financial affairs these tests shape a persons destiny thus can change livespsychometricianspecialist in psych or education who developsevaluates psych tests Definition of a testteststandardized procedure for sampling behavior and describing it with categoriesscores Ex checklist for rating social skills to determine mental retardation a nontimed measure of adding 23 digit numbers observing a person work on a group task with ppl who are uncooperativeobtrusiveThey must all have these cateristics a standardized procedure the procedures for administering the test are uniform from one examinersetting to another This to some level depends on the competency of the examiner but mostly on the administration instructions in the manualuniformity of the instructionsis established by giving the comparable stimulus materials to all testers ie precise oral instructions for each itemsubtest and advise the examiner how to handle a wide range of queries from the examinee Ex speed of instructions and content in the test influence examinees answersscores b behavior sample a psych test is a limited sample of behavior because its practically time constrained impossible test all domains of a specific behavior However tests must be designed so that this small behavior sample can tell you alot about the persons specific behavior in general Ex 35 words on the WAISIV vocab test shud tell u about a persons general vocabtest items dont have to resemble the behaviors the test is attempting to predict Ex how much water a person drinks predicts depression c scorescategoriesThorndike whatever exists in amount can be measured This allows someone to belong to one category and not another by summing up performance in numbersclassifications implicit assumption of the psychometric viewpt is that tests measure individual diffs in traitscharacteristics that exist They estimate the amount of the traitquality possessed by an individual 2 cautions i every test score always reflects some degree of measurement error every test relies on an external sample of behavior to estimate an unobservable thus inferred characteristic Psychometricians use this equation X Te where X is the observed score T the true score and e theerror component The best test developer can make e really small but they cant eliminate it nor can the exact impact be known in an individual case ii test consumers must not take the results too serious as they this can lead to a self fulfilling prophecy And thus test consumers must not make the score a material thing Ex A persons IQ has no real materialistic existence but it is useful in predicting school outcomes d normsstandards
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