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Chapter 1

begining of chapter 1 notes

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Michael Inzlicht

Psychology Chapter 1 Important Terms and Concepts Principles of Psychology 1. Knowledge if cumulative over time. 2. Biological revolution energized research knowledge of neurochemistry of mental disorders, mapping of the human genome and brain imaging. 3. Influenced by the thought that the brain evolved to solve adaptive problems evolutionary theory 4. Focus in understanding brain, mind and behavior through different levels of analysis. Nature-nurture Debate argument concerning whether psychological characteristics are biologically innate or acquired through education, experience, and culture. Mind-body debate a fundamental psychological issue that considers whether mind and body are separate and distinct or whether the mind is simply the subjective experience of the physical brain. Dualism the philosophical idea that the mind exists separately from the physical body. In 1843 John Stuart Mill published System of Logic saying that psychology should be practiced as a science. Introspection - a syste
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