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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 The Mind and the Conscious.docx

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Dan Dolderman

Chapter 4 The Mind and the ConsciousHow is the conscious mind experiencedHow does neural activity give way to subjective experience of the worldConsciousness refers to the momentbymoment subjective experiences like reflecting on immediate surroundings Has contents things we are aware of and levels coma awake sleepyRene Descartes dualism mind physically distinct from brain Rejected mind and brain in unison Consciousness is a subjective experienceQualia describes the properties of subjective experiences Subjective nature masks ability to definitively state SEEING RED Type of neural activity denotes thoughtVariation in conscious experiencelevels of consciousness vary throught day ex Waking up from sleep Affected by substances and mind state relaxed Definition by William james concsciousness is the continuous stream of thoights that float from one to another Featuresunified coherent experienceLimited in we cant pay attention or be aware of everythingAutomoatic atasks are done that require little consciousnessControlled processing involves doing difficult taks that require lots of attentionCONSCIOUSNESS AND COMAincomas there are sleepwake cycles where eyes appear awake and then close to appear to be asleep but there no response to surrounding When this condition latss for more than a month it is called a vegetative state Longer vegetative state less the chances of recovering consciousness or showing normal brain acitivity Minimally conscious state between full and vegetative statePeople may make deliberate movements like moving eyes to communicateBetter prognosis Jan grebski a man woke up from a 19 year coma and he remembered events from those 19 years while looking at behavior to differentiate between states of consciousness is good brain imaging is more useful and can also determine extent of damage and likelihood of recovery Even in coma brain activity can be seen through electronic activity Example terri shiavo had legal battle over whether or not to pull plug She was let go once an EEG was done ro show no activity
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