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Chapter 5

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Dan Dolderman

Chapter 5 Sensation and perceptionHow do we sense our worldsDefinitions Sensation the sense organs Reponses to external stimuli and the transmission of these responses to the brainPerception the processing organization and interpretation sensory signals results in the internal representation of the stimulus Forms a experience of the worldwhen looking at sensation and perception we are seeing how stimuli energyis converted into meaningful informationGreen light ExGreen light stimulussensory receptors detects stimulus sensation stimulus is transduced sensory coding green light seen in head persons drives perception based on past experience1 STIMULI MUST BE CODED TO BE UNDERSTOOD BY THE BRAIN Def Sensory coding organs taking of stimuli and turning it into neural impulses Transduction a step in sensory coding where sensory receptors produce neural impulses when they receive stimulation Qualitative information quality of something black or blue Quanititative information speed of particular neuron firing Bright blue light or dull low lighting lightDifferent features of environment are coded for differently Brain signal for each thingFirst step in sensory coding is transduction Neural impulses created by transduction then travel to the thalamus first and then to cortex where the neural impluse is interpreted in whatever form it takes Qualitative and wuantitibve informtion are two types of info picked upCoarse coding involves receptors which sensory quality are coded for
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