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Chapter 4

CH4 Textbook Notes

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CHAPTER 4 ASSESSING AND DIAGNOSING ABNORMALITY - assessment is the process of gathering information about peoples symptoms and the possible causes of those symptoms - information gathered is used to determine the appropriate diagnosis, a label attached to a set of symptoms that tend to occur with one another Gathering Information Symptoms and History - current symptoms, ability to function in various domains of life - the criteria for diagnosing most major psychological disorders require that the symptoms be severe and pervasive enough that they are interfering with the persons ability to function in daily life - coping with symptoms, recent events - history of psychological problems, family history of disorders Physiological and Neurophysiological Factors - when client seek an assessment of what appear to primarily be psychological symptoms, good idea for clinician to have them obtain a complete physical examination to determine if they are suffering from any medical conditions that can create psychological symptoms - there are no definitive biological test for any psychological disorder - drugs clients are taking - many drugs can induce psychological symptoms as side effects - protect against interactions between drugs and medications the clinician might prescribe - assess cognitive functioning and intellectual abilities - differential diagnosis: a determination of which of several possible disorders an individual may be suffering - e.g. paranoia can be result of paranoid personality disorder, schizophrenia, difficulties in short-term memory Sociocultural Factors - social resources clients have available e.g. number of friends and family they have contact with and the quality of those relationships - sociocultural background - e.g. for immigrants, culture raised in, circumstances that brought them to this country, continuing connections to their homeland - acculturation: the extent to which a person identifies with hisher group of origin and its culture or with the dominant, mainstream culture Assessment Tools www.notesolution.com
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