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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

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Christine Burton

Chapter 3 Perception Pattern-Recognition Systems o How do we recognize patterns? 1 theory states humans have 2 systems for recognizing patterns First system specialized in recognition of parts of objects and in assembling those parts to distinctive wholes (i.e. flower= the stamen, pistil, stem, petals etc.) Second system specialized in recognizing larger configuration (i.e. flower=beauty and form) o Second system most likely used for face recognition (i.e. recognize him or her on a daily basis using configurations, sometimes wont notice small changes (i.e. hair cut etc) Face recognition occurs, at least in part, in the fusiform gyrusf the temporal lobe Face recognition occurs in early life (infants track movement of photos of human faces more rapidly than other stimuli) TASK shown objects, faces and houses o Name of the person paired with face, name of owner paired with houses o After 6 trials, asked to recognize the faces or houses as a whole (i.e. show just nose or ear, window or door) o RESULT people were better at recognizing houses, whether presented with parts or wholes, people had difficulty recognizing PARTS of faces than in whole faces. o Face recognition depends on configurational system o Emotion increases activation in fus
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