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Chapter 2

Study Guide Chapter 2 -Judaism

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Andre Maintenay

CHAPTER TWO: JUDAISM A RITUAL INITATION N saturday for Jews is the day of rest Sabbath o day for prayer and public assembly in the synagogue (the house of worship and community meeting) N 9K0-,72L9];,K.070243L8,70J:O,75,7941,.43J70J,9L438Z00NOZorship o the teen reads two selections from the Bible, one from the Pentateuch (the 5 books of Moses, which constitute the first section of the Bible) and one from a later section called the Prophets o first time that a young person reads publicly from the Torah (the scripture that Jews are expected to read and study throughout their lives) o 9K0370.L908,807L0841850.L,O-O088L3J89K,9701O0.99K0.422:3L98 values and the community responds b reaffirming the blessings o after the ceremony, the fam holds a luncheon or dinner for relatives and friends DEFINING JUDAISM N number about 14 million o more than 7 mil live in Americas (Us and Can), 3 million live in Asia (mostly Israel) N in 1945, approx 6 mil was put to death by the Nazis Holocaust N understand that God expects all human beings to observe a fundamental moral code that was revealed to Noah after the primeval flood and is accessible to the entire human race through reason ORIGIN THE BIBLICAL PERIOD N the history of Israel is contained in the Torah N the history of a people as they understand and follow a God who has chosen them as his instrument N some of it is well known because the first set of Jewish religious writings, the Hebrew Bible, is the scripture for Christians and Muslims o interpretations differ N earliest known reference to the Israelites by another people dates to roughly 1230 bce o found on an Egyptian stela (monumental stone) inscribed with a hymn describing the victories of the Egyptian pharaoh CREATION IN GENESIS N first 11 chapters of the Genesis describe the primeval history of the universe N ch1, god created different things on each day of creation, culminating with humanity on the sixth day o the seventh day, God rests, establishing the pattern of a weekly Sabbath N Ch 2, suggests a different beginning www.notesolution.com o God causing a mist to rise from the ground, out of which vegetation sprouts o Plants a garden in Eden and populates it with animals and the primal human couple The Primal Couple N *0308L8038ZL9KJ48.70,9L43412,3,3Z42,3,2,3;0 o Naively innocent in genesis 2 N *0308L8,2,30;001*484707349940,917429K0%700419K0 Knowledge of Good and Evil o Peace and harmony of their existence is broken and they are expelled from the garden N There are many explanatory myths (etiological), some matters are natural, cultural, and some are ultimate issues of human existence N Jewish explanations are largely positive o 25K,8L]0K:2,38247,O.,5,.L994.K4480J444;070;LO,3944-0 *48O,Z8 N Christian interpretation emphasizes inescapable original sin and insists on a deep and sinister relationship between sexuality, evil and death THE ISRAELITE NARRATIVES The Covenant N %K0.0397,O47J,3L]L3J.43.059L39K0,87,0OL90870OLJL43 o An agreement or contract specifying exactly what human behaviour is acce59,-O094*4,3JL;L3J,L;L302,3,90940K,87,0OL90884.L09,O laws THE EXODUS N The Hebrews in the Exodus story are working as labourers on Egyptian construction projects in the eastern art of the Nile Delta N The Ten Commandments are stipulations of a covenant that all the people make a communal vow to obey N In the absence of a permanent temple, worship is instituted in an elaborate tent called the Tabernacle o Kept in the Tabernacle is a central cult object (Ark of the Covenant), which serves as the thro3041*48L3;L8L-O0570803.0 THE ISRAELITE KINGS N The book of Joshua recounts some spectacular conquests as the Israelites enter the land of Canaan o The following book of Judges, suggests a less triumphant view N According to Judges, each of the leaders (Deborah, Samson, Shamgar, Jephthat, Ehud and etc) is chosen by God to save the Israelites from a specific threat of foreign domination www.notesolution.com
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