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Chapter 9 Leadership Leadership: the influence that particular individuals exert on the goal achievement of others in an organizational context Effective leadership exert influence by enhancing the productivity, innovation, satisfaction and commitment of the workforce Strategic leadership: leader’s ability to anticipate,envision,maintain flexibility,think strategically and work with others to initiate changes that will create a viable future for the organization Strategic leaders provide organization with a sustainable competitive advantage Any member can exert influence, engaging in leadership PPT: distinguish leaders’and managers’roles Leader’s job: establish organizational mission, Formulate strategy for implementing mission Manager’s job: implement organizational strategy Traits: personal characteristics of the individuals including physical characteristics, intellectual ability, and personality Some traits are associated with leadership: Intelligence/Energy/Honesty and Integrity/ Self-confidence/Dominance/Need for achievement/Motivation to lead/Emotional Intelligence And five personality model: extraversion, emotional stability, agreeableness, Openness to experience, consciousness Agreeableness,extraversion,openness to experience are related to leadership Limitation of the trait approach 1. Whether the traits take the leader or the leader produces traits 2. Have little info about how to train leaders 3. Most crucial: failure to take in to account the situation in which leadership occurs The behavior of leaders Two basic kinds of behavior (Ohio State studies, Michigan states studies) Consideration: The extent to which a leader is approachable and shows personal concern and respect for employees Initiating structure: the degree to which a leader concentrates on group goal attainment Consequences of consideration and initiating structure(employee 对这两种的 response) Both contribute positively to employees’motivation, job satisfaction and leader effectiveness Consideration more strongly related to follower satisfaction, motivation and leader effectiveness Initiating structure more strongly related to leader job performance and group performance 哪一种更好要看一下情况 1. Employee under a high degree of pressure due to deadlines, unclear tasks, or external threat---initiating structure increases satisfaction and performance 2. Task itself is intrinsically satisfying, need for consideration and structure is reduced 3. Goals and methods are clear and certain, consideration promotes satisfaction, structure promote dissat
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