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Chapter 5

SOC208H1 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5: Provincial Rights Party

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The Institution and structure readings analyze how the state structure influence the degree of
the civil rights movement. Canada is a federal parliament democracy country. There are ten
provinces and three territories. The feudal government and provinces share the authority of the
government and provinces have more power on the local affairs. There does not exist clear line
for the segregation of feudal and province power. Thus, some people argues that it is necessary
for increasing the provincial power, and others prefer a centralized government. The debate
creates the provincial rights movement. In the other case, in United states, the fragmentation
turns the power allocation more complicated.
In U.S, the federal, state and local governments with different legislative, judicial and
administrative branches all play the important roles in he decision-making of the government.
The detailed levels of state structure provides everyone in United States more chances to
pursue changes so that the government cannot give a great protection of each individual’s civil
rights. By using the example of the 1964 law, the author implies that the equal opportunity
created by social institutions and citizens in the community rather than the state. The state does
not provide the concept of discrimination; but Americans themselves define what discrimination
is during work, and reduce it as the form of promotion system in the institution. According to the
Sherman Antitrust act of 1890, the equal opportunities laws are redefined by the corporate
Americans and Reagan’s disagreement does not prevent this law popularizes in United States.
In conclusion, the state structures can decide the power of institution and citizens in a country.
The effect of democracy is a paradox which creates the contradiction,but also bring the
opportunity for social development.
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