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Textbook Notes for Sociology at University of Toronto St. George (UTSG)

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UTSGSOC100H1Rachel La ToucheFall

SOC100H1 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Assortative Mating, Statistical Hypothesis Testing, Thick Description

OC25165275 Page
25 Sep 2018
Importance of social research: to make good political decisions, need to collect and analyze data about society (drawing conclusions in systematic logi
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UTSGSOC103H1Lorne TeppermanSummer

SOC103H1 Chapter Notes -Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Sea Ice, Public Sociology

OC878068 Page
11 Jan 2013
Fisher: university/faculty advocate academic views only, retain integrity. Can collective action vs. relevant educational issues: obligation: present s
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UTSGSOC103H1Lorne TeppermanSummer

SOC103H1 Chapter Notes -Herbert Blumer, White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, Erving Goffman

OC8780618 Page
11 Jan 2013
Society the largest-scale human group, whose members interact w/ one another, share a common geographic territory, and share common institutions. Macro
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UTSGSOC312H1Brent BerryWinter

SOC312H1 Chapter Notes - Chapter 10: Multidimensional System, Primate City, Global City

OC245006 Page
14 Apr 2013
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UTSGSOC103H1Jasmin HristovWinter

SOC103H1 Chapter 1: Tutorial 1- Relational Analysis Framework, Theoretical Fields and Basics of Sociology (Jan 19, 2016)

OC50034112 Page
20 Jan 2016
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UTSGSOC101Y1Christian O.CaronFall

SOC101Y1 Chapter Notes -Altruistic Suicide, Solidarity, Social Forces

OC2229672 Page
7 Dec 2013
We all know that might die at any moment, and that knowledge makes us anxious. We react to this anxiety by denying death. Denial of death takes on many
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UTSGSOC102H1Lorne TeppermanSummer

SOC102H1 Chapter Notes -White-Collar Crime, Social Inequality, Symbolic Interactionism

OC8780617 Page
11 Jan 2013
Narratives of blame socially constructed accounts attached to groups, justify advantages/disadvantages. Social problem a social condition or pattern of
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UTSGSOC100H1La ToucheFall

SOC100H1 Chapter Notes - Chapter 8: Critical Race Theory, Ethnic Group, Visible Minority

Olivia Leung4 Page
27 Oct 2017
Ethnicity : the existence of social groups with shared national or cultural traditions. Belonging to the same group by virtue of a common birthplace, a
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UTSGSOC218H1Eric FongFall

Theory of Immigrant Adaptation - Transnational Assimilation

OC17354 Page
28 Nov 2011
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UTSGSOC312H1Brent BerryWinter

SOC312H1 Chapter Notes - Chapter 8: Indian Register, Canadian Prairies, Spatial Analysis

OC17974914 Page
7 Apr 2014
Migration in demography migration is usually understood to have 3 main components: the crossing of administrative boundaries, long distance travel, per
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SOC100H1 Chapter Notes - Chapter 7: Gluttony, Performativity, List Of Universities In Canada

OC189277413 Page
26 Oct 2017
Predicting the end of men and triumph of women. Example: rapid growth of higher education for women. University: late 19th century women began to becom
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Chapter 1 notes of Social Problems book.

OC48506 Page
3 Feb 2011
Chapter 1 what are social problems: social problem: a social condition or pattern of behaviour that is believed to warrant public concern and collectiv
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