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Chapter 5

New Society: Chapter 5

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Robert Brym

2003av Canadian spent just less than 20 hrs a week listening to radio217 hours watching TVvaries by social factors region sex age o QuebeckersMaritimers women seniors watch more TV o TV watching is declining Radio is stableSince early 1990s Internet use grown rapidly2003 64 of 123 million Canadians had one household member who used Internet regularlyMedia is plural form for mediummiddleCommunication to bring together or unify by establishing shared meanings and understandings between groups and individualsMass mediacommunication flows unidirectional transmission point to audience members that are anonymous and isolated from one anotherInteractive medialike telephone conversely communications flow back and forthDistinction between mass and interactive media is disintegrating due to new media formsInternet MP3 etcTwo theories of media technological and criticalTechnological PerspectiveEffect of communication on institutions and cultureHAROLD INNISMARSHAL McLUHANInnis o Timebiased media modes of communication that endure over time but are not very mobile across space writing on stoneclay tablets o Spacebiased media cover much greater areas of space but much less durable time writing on paper sounds over airwaves o These foster different arrangements of institutions and cultural values Timebiased conducive to strong sense of tradition and custom promoting religious forms of power and beliefSpacebiased lead to territorial expansion empire building more secular forms of power and culture manifested in dominance of military institutions and growth of state o These different forms of power create different types of social division and conflictElite that controls means of communication try to preserve privilegeThose not in power create alternative forms of communicationThis struggle lead to shifts from time to space biased mediaMcLuhan o The way that forms of communication change our sense perceptions and cognitive processes o Invention of printing press undermined oral communication and emphasis on hearing brought in more visually oriented culture
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