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University of Toronto St. George
Christian O.Caron

- Mass media = any technologically based means of communicating between large numbers of people distributed widely over space or time (94) - Internet = the network that links computers together (95) - World wide web = the computer language that lets us access information on the internet (95) - Media literacy = the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, and create media in a variety of forms (95) - Four functions of the media are surveillance (ex. reporting news or weather or new movies), interpretation (helping us understand our world and shaping our viewpoints), socialization, and entertainment (96) - The media share images and experiences that allow us to imagine ourselves as part of a nation state by developing a unified culture we all share (ex. the national film board of Canada or the maple leaf or the beaver) (96) - Status conferral = attention by the media can give people high status (98) - Narcotization = when people see lots of bad stuff in the media, they become desensitized to it (99) - Conflict theorists argue that the media reinforces capitalism and allows those who own the means of production to sell us unnecessary products and ser
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